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What some of my wonderful clients say...

I have seen Hollie several times now and can confidently say that everything about her is addictive and intoxicating. Not only is she stunningly beautiful - even more so than the photos that she has posted here - but she also has the most amazingly bubbly and friendly personality. I find it so pleasurable to spend time with her, whether it is an afternoon tryst, a super casual pizza dinner, or a night out at a fine-dining restaurant; somehow, the dates are never quite long enough - regardless of how long I book. Hollie has always been accommodating when it comes to outfits for dinner dates and has always been willing to dress similarly, whether it's super casual or more formal. Obviously, it would be best if you communicated your preference, as she's not a mind reader (not yet, anyway), but I've never felt worried I'd be out of place next to her in public. I won't detail anything about what happens in the bedroom, as that is between Hollie and me. Still, needless to say, it's absolutely mind-blowing, and it's clear that she absolutely enjoys what she does. Hollie is an ABSOLUTE gem, and if you're on the fence about seeing her, take the plunge. You certainly won't regret it.

Chris, 2023

I saw Hollie for an hour while I was travelling over east for a holiday. She was the absolute highlight of the trip. She's absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful smile and fantastic to talk to. I can't wait to go back over to Sydney just to see her again. If you ever get the opportunity to spend some time with her, take it because you'll be better off for it. Thank you for a lovely time can't wait to see you again :) xx

Scotty, 2023

Saw Hollie last Saturday at 5:30pm for one hour , she was patient and accommodating during booking and during our fun time . what can i say i was greeted a gorgeous blonde lass in a stunning blue dress which made feel like i was heaven . i had a few kinks and she was judgment free through out the process . she join me in the shower for a steamy session and her curves are are work of art , her hands are gentle as she caress my body as my worries slipped away , and she kissed me sparks flew , i looked in her glowing green eyes and it felt like home . towards the end we hugged and kissed some more , we did a few other things but i kept it a secret but i would say it was out of this world . at the end of my session we kissed goodbye and i have not wiped that smile out of my face , would recommend and definitely booking hollie again and again and again

- Salvador, 2022

"Husband and I booked Hollie as my birthday treat and she was an absolute delight. She was so easy to talk to, funny, and generous. Two hours went by in a flash and it felt very much like three friends having giggly, fun sex. Hollie's body is a work of art - soft, porcelain skin, curves everywhere. Her tiny waist and magnificent breasts were irresistible. Couples wanting a stress-free and fun threesome, don't miss out on Hollie!" 

- Belle, 2022

I found Hollie to be an amazing woman, spending a 24hr with her was such an enjoyable and exciting experience. From booking to our final time together, Hollie was so patient, comforting and such a friendly woman to be around, from her sense of humor to being serenaded by song. Her touch was soft an enduring, from body rubs to grabbing any part of my body. My body still flutters of the thought of Hollie. I would love to spend another 24hrs with her.

- Andrew, 2022

If I only had one word to sum up the two hours that I spent with Hollie this afternoon, it would be "Heaven".
Throughout the booking process, Hollie helped put my nervous butterflies to bed. Her friendliness is absolutely genuine, and continues throughout the booking and into the bedroom.

Upon meeting Hollie, I was immediately blown away, and before long I was lost in her beautiful eyes, tantalised by her amazingly soft skin, and mesmerised by her perfect breasts. Hollie is an absolute stunner, and as amazing as she looks is in the photos on here, she is even more beautiful in person. If you're considering spending an hour with Hollie, I would recommend making it two. You won't regret it.

I look forward to seeing Hollie again - I know for certain that I won't be able to stay away for long!

- Chris, 2022

I spent the best afternoon with Hollie this week. It was our first time together and the connection was immediate. Our initial chat and laughs with her smile and those mesmerising eyes simply melt you. She is all woman and I mean ALL woman. To be able to run your fingers through her hair, cup those natural sensuous breasts, feel that sensational butt and just hold those tight curves against you is an amazing experience. Her girl next door persona belies the wild streak she has where it counts! I’ll be spending more time with Miss Hollie!

- Dave, 2022

I spent an hour of utter bliss with Hollie. She put me instantly at ease and it’s clear she very much enjoys what she does.
Planning my next visit…

- David, 2021

Hollie is one of a kind. From the first time we meet to saying our goodbyes, she is an absolute pleasure to be with. She's so friendly and pays a lot of attention to make sure I'm feeling good, which she is very, very successful at doing in so many ways. As good as her pictures are on her profile, she looks even better in real life. As cliche as it sounds it doesn't matter if it's the truth. She is honestly one of the best girls I've ever been with. If anyone is hesitating in spending time with her, you are missing out.

- James, 2021


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