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It's A Pleasure To Meet You

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Fancy meeting you. Honestly, it's no accident you've landed here, my love.

My name is Hollie Black, and I'm a new, cheeky and passionate Sydney Escort. Let's just say, I'm the naughty Girl Next Door. Sweet, kind, friendly - but do not be fooled by my innocent facade.

I’ve often been told that my sex drive is higher than average, that I'm far naughtier than I may appear, and additionally that I'm a wonderful conversationalist. You have been warned, time with me slips by -- quickly. So, I suppose, it’s no wonder that I've decided to live my dream life as an escort moving forward. An open-minded, judgement free bisexual woman and lover of all your naughty secrets, I cannot wait for you to unleash them with me soon.

I am incredibly excited to finally take bookings for mid October, hopeful that Sydney lockdown is lifted. I am also feeling very restless (not to mention incredibly aroused) and cannot wait for Sydney to open up — so you can be in me ;-)

Until then, please feel free to sign up to my mailing list if you wish to be the first to know about any news, updates - and my first escort tour!

I look forward to unzipping you soon,

Hollie Black x

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